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The multitalented Charlotte has returned with yet another astounding production.

The French model, dancer, and singer has signed with Gun Records to release her brand new song : “Je Ne Pouvais M’arrêter De Danser“.

The track opens up with a combination of soothing melodies and a catchy beat, which leads into the introduction of Charlotte’s luscious vocals. The record continues to progress with some additional synths and deep basslines and finishes off with a higher tempo between its various musical elements. Overall, with its majestic deep house sounds and with Charlotte’s superb performance, “Je Ne Pouvais M’arrêter De Danser” is a must-hear production for any music fan especially with its rejuvenating and uplifting vibes.

Known for her talents in different artistic realms, Charlotte has shown that she is a jack-of-all-trades and can earn success in various ways. This year has truly been exceptional for Charlotte after establishing such a remarkable set of releases.

Check out the track below.

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