Alessandra Aguirre, the fresh face of Pop Music

Alessandra Aguirre, the fresh face of Pop Music, is set to ignite the music scene with her new single, «Contravía,» released under PJ Records. This track signifies the evolution of Aguirre’s distinctive pop sound, ushering a new era in the songstress’s burgeoning career. With three hit singles already under her belt, this Latin music sensation is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Click HERE to listen.

The Peruvian singer-songwriter delivers a breakup anthem that starts with a gentle pace, gradually building into a rhythmic journey with captivating lyrics that are sure to have everyone singing along. «Contravía» explores the theme of defying warnings and falling for the wrong person, leading inevitably to heartbreak. Produced by the renowned Latin Grammy-nominated producer Periko, alongside the versatile Stevie Marcs«Contravía» encapsulates the anguish of being unable to free your mind from someone’s presence.

The release of the single is complemented by the premiere of its music video, shot in Miami, FL, under the direction of Julio Ducharne. The visual narrative skillfully captures the heartbreak and desperation of being unable to erase someone from your thoughts. Click HERE to watch the video

Alessandra Aguirre, a dynamic force in pop music, pushes boundaries with her latest release, «Contravía.» The rising star is poised to elevate her international career, promoting her single in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain.

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