D.J. Highlanders

D.J. Highlanders comes out with a new release, Amanda (new). Particularly fond of the Korean K-pop musical genre, he comes out with his first EDM with extreme veins that touch heavy metal, made together with the young maestro Dario Manzo.

A difficult piece for D.J. Highlanders who, not knowing the English language, found it difficult to sing it in front of a microphone, in a recording room, where, not being a singer, he had to be able to combine the rhythmic line, with the melodic one, with the language and with the intransigence of the partner who was able to guide him towards the best performance obtainable for this demanding piece!

But we must say that also this time D.J. Highlanders did it all by themselves! In our part it is said. «He dug his own grave with his hands!» In fact, in addition to the very particular musical base, arranged by Dario Manzo, between Parma and Bologna, the text conceived it by himself, with the strong desire to want to see it realized at all costs! Written in Italian, translated into English with a meticulous research to respect the meaning expressed in the original text, D.J. Highlanders found the right words that also respond to the rhythmic and melodic metrics of the backing track!

And what a text you guys!

In this passage, the author delves into the psyche of the human being, understood as a single individual, and points the finger at a general wrong behavioral attitude, which escapes and goes unnoticed, but which he sees as the germ that creates the basis for forms of discrimination, general, much more serious! The morbid curiosity, the half smiles, the unspoken words, the always wanting to belittle the one who in some way may seem different, whether he is a friend or a complete stranger. A general way of being, of acting, of behaving, which concerns everyone, in all its forms, which is erroneously «accepted» to the point that it goes unnoticed! But it is the antechamber of all those forms of discrimination that we all condemn! And so D.J. Highlanders shines a giant light on this «bad behavior»!

“Everybody wonder if this guy is gay or not. I don’t, I don’t »

He recites a part of the chorus … on which it is not necessary to add more!

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Official video of Amanda (New)

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