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Surprise! Three new releases of D.J. Highlanders


Three new releases in seven days! Where do we start from?



“KRISTIAN theme” is the release in which D.J. Highlanders, focus more! It is the music inspired by the book “Celtic The Prequel – Vol. 2” and more precisely by the eighth story, entitled Kristian! The piece was made together with Maestro Garofalo, a great musician from Catania, famous all over the world for his extraordinary multifaceted skills in the field of music. Together with the song, defined as “excellent” by the professionals of the sector, the official video was released, an assembly of 120 clips from about fifty videos taken from the website, under the direction of D.J. Highlanders, who took care of the choice, and the “visual”. With this work, D.J. Highlanders has achieved something that has never been seen in the history of literature and music: author of the book, author of the music, director of the official video! The book “Celtic The Prequel – Vol. 2” is physically bookable in all bookstores in the world, and is published in the Italian and English versions.


Link to the “KRISTIAN THEME” video


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ANTONIO VIVALDI: “AUTUMN, III movement – Allegro” Version D.A.M.E by D.J. Highlanders

DJ Highlanders takes us back to the wonderful world of music created by the genius of the great musician Antonio Vivaldi. After having cheered us up with the wonderful “Summer, 3rd movement-Presto”, today he offers us the enchanting “Autumn, 3 ° movement-Allegro”. Three minutes of great music, revisited through his method, which only he knows how to make: the version De Anima Mia Exstasis, D.A.M.E. A version that speaks directly to the heart, generating deeper emotional vibrations, which pleasantly affect the whole body … both for the most sensitive and for the most “hard”!



ANTONIO VIVALDI: “AUTUNNO, III movimento – Allegro” D.A.M.E Version on Amazon Music


ANTONIO VIVALDI: “AUTUNNO, III movimento – Allegro” D.A.M.E Version on Apple Music




This is the year of EPs and Albums for D.J Highlanders, (in 2021 he produced 4) and for all of us this EP is a surprise. With the success of the Rock version and the surprise of the first single, Waiting … I Don’t Like M … is definitely a cornerstone of D.J. Highlanders, which, we recall, on May 1st, after only three years, celebrated the release of its 50 unreleased singles! Six songs that come from the same song, 4 instrumentals and two songs. Edm, Rock and House … if you want to have fun, welcome to the fantasy world of D.J. Montanari.


WAITING I DON’T LIKE M. – EP on Amazon Music


WAITING I DON’T LIKE M. – EP on Apple Music



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