Lemuell «Mensajes Ficticios.»

Lemuell, a talented emerging voice who, at 19 has already made an impact in his home of Puerto Rico and beyond, is unveiling his latest single «Mensajes Ficticios.» In this song, he delves into the theme of yearning for someone seemingly beyond reach. This track demonstrates the universal experience of developing feelings for someone we might think as unattainable. In other words, «Mensajes Ficticios» vividly portrays the essence of crushing on an individual who appears to be «out of your league.»

The single is accompanied by a video that will complement Lemuell’s vision for “Mensajes Ficticios.” In it we’ll see the artist getting ready for his big date, getting his braids on at the barbershop, buying flowers, and driving to her house before both partake in a photo shoot. His love interest is played by influencer, Kiki Montilla. The video reflects the personal and romantic intention of “Mensajes Ficticios,” giving a new perspective on the lyrics.

As part of the pre-release campaign, Lemuell is treating fans to a nostalgic journey through his musical evolution with a 10k Hours recap video. Taking the theory of putting 10 thousand hours into practice to master any discipline, this retrospective piece traces Lemuell’s trajectory from his childhood to his recent EP release, F.O.M.O, offering audiences a glimpse into the artist’s creative journey and inspirations. Additionally, fans can enjoy a complimentary track available on various platforms including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

Also, in a unique collaboration with the COMMUNITY appLemuell introduced an intriguing element to the pre-release campaign. Industry blogs, influencers, and DJs shared  a mysterious, occult message via Instagram Stories, each containing a distinct number without divulging the artist’s identity or the song’s title. This campaign was so successful that the mysterious phone number was banned by Whatsapp due to the overwhelming response.

Kiki Montilla & Lemuell
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Lemuell, at just 19, has already left his mark on the music scene by becoming one of the most exciting new voices in the urban genre, and he’s just getting started. From an early age, four years-old to be precise, he showed an innate interest in music by composing with his parents—both amateur musicians—thus laying the foundation for his career. In addition to composing, Lemuell is a talented percussionist, excelling on the drums, a talent which allows him to fuse rhythms and create innovative sounds that appeal to a wide audience. Lemuell has established his musical brand by giving us an eclectic fusion of various influences, including reggaeton icon Don Omar to contemporary artists like Arcángel and Tory Lanez, passing through the soul and experimentation of Frank Ocean and Brent Faiyaz, as well as the lyrical wit of Tyler the Creator and Bryson Tiller; his style is truly unique and diverse. His talent has earned the respect of his colleagues, collaborating with prominent artists who lead the new urban wave, such as Derek Santana, Jotaerre, Bernier, Sanchz, Josem, Villafañe, Younghokage, Alura el Sol, Chalko and JS Beatz.

Lemuell recently released the F.O.M.O. EP, which gives the artist a chance to express his true essence both visually and musically. Through the EP’s amazing tracks, Lemuell offers listeners a glimpse into his personal experiences, sharing anecdotes from his life’s narrative. Lemuell’s message is clear: while experiencing FOMO is a common human sentiment, staying true to oneself and pursuing what one loves is essential. This release heralds the beginning of a significant chapter in Lemuell’s burgeoning career, setting the stage for his latest single, «Mensajes Ficticios,» to captivate audiences worldwide.

In June, Lemuell will be dropping his next single, “Embuste,” through Sony Music. Stay tuned for more info.