New single!! LO-FI NEWCASTLE extracted from the great project carried out by D.J. Highlanders with Filo Beats (Filippo Gamberini) LP GREAT ISLANDS. Two years of work, 24 tracks, all strictly dedicated to cities in Ireland or Great Britain … In the LP GREAT ISLANDS, in addition to the 18 tracks released in three previous Ep, six unreleased tracks are added, two of which have already been published as singles: Lo-Fi Dublin and Lo-Fi London and now the latest single! A successful experiment, carried out with great patience and hard work. If you listen to them carefully, you will find that every single title represents the city to which it is dedicated. Sounds, instruments, grooves, moods …. a mix of study and imagination that has favored a wonderful edition, one of a kind!

We take this opportunity to ask you to rotate FRIENDS, released last March that continues to stream, on all digital platforms! It deals with the theme, never dealt with on a musical and social level, of jealousy between friends, let’s talk about those fraternal friendships, which, on the theme of jealousy, become similar to emotional relationships, between two subjects who love each other