Lourdes Grobet

Los Angeles, CA (August 2, 2021) — Lourdes Grobet has been at the forefront of some of the most thought provoking, original and defiant art for the last 50 years. From Avant Garde installations to the grittiest Mexican arenas, her work is not defined by class, genres or borders, it is defined by the power and raw emotion captured in her images.
With an impressive body of work and acclaimed art installations all over the world, her photographic work inside the world of Mexican Lucha Libre for over 40 years has been the living, breathing definition of the word “ICONIC”. The trust she garnered from the biggest names in the sport gained her a front row AND backstage view of the poetry, brutality, absurdity and pure MAGIC that is LUCHA LIBRE like no other photographer ever had access too.
“LUCHA” brings an exquisitely curated selection of some of her most iconic Lucha Libre photographs from the last 40 years alongside the world premiere of several new images that will be presented to the public for the first time ever. This unique and exclusive collection of 23 master prints will premiere at Republic of Lucha on Friday August 6th and will be open to the public for viewing through Friday September 24th.  All of the pieces in the exhibit will be available for purchase including the world premiere of several new originals. Admission is FREE during regular store/gallery hours.
This will be Republic of Lucha’s Fifth gallery exhibit since its opening in March of this year. Met with widespread acclaim, Republic of Lucha has been garnering rave review for the uniqueness of its concept and the quality of its gallery exhibits.
An opening reception will be held on FRIDAY AUGUST 6th WITH LOURDES GROBET IN ATTENDANCE, generously supported by Sagrada Mezcal and Patada de Burro Mezcal.