One of Mayahuel’s legends begins when Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, falls in love at first sight with her as he ascends to the Heavens to battle her evil grandmother, Tzitimitl, a celestial monstress swallowing light into swirling darkness and feeding on the souls of human sacrifices.

Infuriated by the sparks of their passion, evil Tzitimitl pursues the Lovers back to Earth and upon discovering Mayahuel disguised as a tree, rips her granddaughter into a thousand shreds.


Grief stricken, Quetzalcoatl kills Tzitimitl, gathers Mayahuel’s scattered remains and buries them. Heartbroken, he stands guard at her grave as his tears fall on the remains of his murdered beloved. Touched by his sorrows, the other gods add hallucinogenic mushrooms to his pulque to comfort him.

Fed by his tears and their enduring love, the first Maguey (agave) plant sprouts on Mayahuel’s grave. The sweet sap of the agave is evermore the blood of the Goddess – producing pulque and mezcal to forever lesson our miseries and lift our grief.

This Día de los Muertos 2022, we acknowledge the griefs and miseries of recent years as we gather celebrate the Gifts of Mayahuel and summon better days.