New release Christmas Songs and Dance & Future Ep

The covers of the Christmas songs created by D.J. are finally arriving on the most important digital platforms. Highlanders. The Christmas atmosphere is amplified with the sweet sound of the ukulele! There are many Christmas covers, perhaps even too many, but played on the ukulele, there is only one version in the whole world, the one produced by D.J. Highlanders! Jingle Bells: Last Christmas: We Wish You a Merry Christmas: Happy Christmas: Silent Night: White Christmas: Add these songs to all your Christmas playlists! Do it on all digital platforms And on your radio, these tunes play great! How about putting them in rotation? Dance & Future Ep We announced it! And now it’s here! After the great success achieved with the single Dubstep Dance and the second single â??Ordinary Dance, here comes the Ep DANCE & FUTURE! All to dance, all dubstep! Another great project produced and realized by D.J. Highlanders together with my friend Riccardo Rinaldi! Dance & Future Ep on Spotify–gPBOHSZKZxFWcpM2_iw Add this song to all your playlists! Do it on all digital platforms! And on your radio, this track plays great! How about putting it in rotation? Our desire is to hear the music of D.J. Highlanders aired on every radio station we were lucky enough to discover. There are many radios that have accepted our invitation, but many more could be added! We continue to promote for free, through all D.J. Highlanders who collect 590,000 followers, all the radios that broadcast the songs and music tracks of D.J. Highlanders. In these days we have also integrated TikTok into our radio dissemination service, where we are experiencing greater visibility and public participation. Do you like the idea? You know, I’m the only artist / songwriter who does this, because I believe that music, first of all, should be listened to on the radio! I would be very happy if we started this great collaboration! MDE press office: mail to: +39 0546 046447