Roberto Tola Colors



The new album by Roberto Tola

Dears, hereby I again wish to thank all of You from the Radio Stations, Program Directors, Press Journalists, Radio and TV, so as Podcaster, DJ, Musicians and Professionals of the Market for having supported me during my new album release COLORS.
After only 3 months from my new music project launch, I am honored to share with You the following outstanding achievements that I am receiving in terms of airplays, broadcasting and press reviews day by day.

May 2020
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– Michael Lington
– Paula Atherton
– Rocco Ventrella
– Bill McGee
– Darryl Walker
– Mando Cordova


Mastered by
Bein’ Green Promotions
Europe and rest of world

#2 Best Album in the iTunes Jazz Album Chart in Italy;

#10 Top Jazz Muzik Album iTunes Chart in Germany;

#92 Best Apple Music Jazz Album Chart in Turkey;
#36 Best Album in the iTunes All Genres Chart in Italy;
#5 best song Libeccio in the iTunes Genre Chart Score in Holland;
#5 best song Lullaby of Christmas in the iTunes Genre Chart Score in Spain;
#41 best song Helwa Ya Baladi in the iTunes Genre Chart Score in Canada;
#33 Best song Libeccio in the Apple Music Jazz Chart Score Album Chart in El Salvador;
#84 Best Album Apple Music Album Jazz in Russia;

more TOP 10, TOP 50, TOP 100 around the world, but impossible to list and share all of them here.

As many of You know, my album COLORS is a blend of different styles and musical genres. including Smooth Jazz, Soul, Funk, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Pop, Light Rock, Bolero, Jazz Ballad, and this has been very much appreciated by the audience, which found each own favorite tune in the album.
I am so grateful with all of You, without any distinction.

If You read this letter only now, and would wish to have a listen to my album COLORS, please, download it here >>  DOWNLOAD ALBUM COLORS