Santaferia Launches Spectacular Musical Collaboration With RDO & Agrupación Marilyn

Santaferia, recognized as the creator of homemade cumbia, joins the incomparable talent of RDO, an outstanding exponent of Chilean urban music, and the unparalleled experience of Agrupación Marilyn, one of the most emblematic bands of Argentine cumbia, in their new single «Tu Eres.»

This musical encounter promises an explosive fusion of fresh and vibrant sounds, where Chilean and Argentine cumbia intertwine with contemporary urban rhythms under the skillful production of Araus Danessi.

RDO is Rodrigo Mikael Arancibia Barahona, an outstanding name in Chilean urban music and a pioneer of reggaeton in our country. RDO was born in 1990 in Sweden and moved with his family to Valparaíso, Chile at age six. There, he discovered his passion for music. At 15, he wrote his first songs and has been in music for 18 years. For 13 years, he has been a backing vocalist for Arte Elegante. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Ñengo Flow, Jairo Vera, Cestar de Shamanes, Panthy, Reikat, and Arte Elegante. RDO’s voice has a prominent place in this feat.

The same happens with Santaferia, who is in a great musical moment. They are coming off an extensive summer tour that included the group’s historic participation in the Arica Carnival, Amaneciendo. Recently, they released «Vete Por Donde Viniste de la mano de Los Caligaris and have just filled Arena Monticello again, hits that underline their leadership in the cumbia scene. The band’s brass and the voice of their histrionic singer, El Pollo, will shine in the song.

On the other hand, Agrupación Marilyn is one of the most important Argentine cumbia bands. With memorable hits such as «Bonita» and «Te falta sufrir,» they are very popular in Chile. From time to time, they play and tour in Chilean territory, where they have alternated and generated friendships with Santaferia, a fact that favored the collaboration that now unites them.

Araus Danessi is an outstanding musician from the V Region, from Quilpué. Currently based in Viña Del Mar, he has worked with the entire urban scene in Chile. His productions have been more than 10 times number one in trend. «I am very happy to contribute with my work for this production of RDO, Santa Feria, and Agrupación Marilyn. They are artists that I have been listening to for a long time, and I greatly respect and admire them, » said Araus.

The result is a single embodying the essence of partying and fun, with rhythms inviting you to dance and lyrics that captivate. This collaboration represents a milestone in the history of Chilean music, marking the beginning of a new era of bold and exciting fusions. Urban sounds, such as Chilean and Argentinian cumbia, gathered greatly to give rhythm to 2024.

About Santaferia

The 11 musicians that form Santaferia arrived to the cumbia party after traveling different paths. The band born in 2006 occupies an important place in the Chilean national scene, receiving play on radio, TV, and the internet. They made their debut with the single “Sákate uno,” and since then the group has released five studio albums: Le Traigo Cumbia (2011), Lo Que Va a Pasar (2013), Haciendo Nada (2016), En el Ojo del Huracán (2017) and Cumbia Casera (2021). To these projects they’ve added the DVD Santaferia 10 Años, which was filmed in 2016 at Movistar Arena in front of 13,000 fans, and the compilation Hasta el sol te seguiré. In 2016, Santaferia also published their first book of stories titled “La Ruta del Huracán,” which was written by Cristóbal González Lorca and garnered a great reception.

In 2021 they celebrated their win as “Best Tropical and Ranchera Music Artist” for the Premios Pulsar awards, the most prestigious awards in Chile and the world. Santaferia continues their journey, sharing their music and joy with their audience in Chile and the world. With 15 years together, they have become one of the most important bands not only in the movement, but also in the country, with outstanding achievements and a huge fan base.

In 2022, Santaferia embarked on their first tour in Mexico, a tour that is part of their 15th anniversary celebrations that began in October 2021 with the release of their documentary and the spectacular concerts at the Gran Arena Monticello. Mexico was a pending challenge for Santaferia, and it’s because Mexican music and culture have always been influential for the artists in Chile, and Santaferia is no exception. This is how on March 17, 2022, they made their debut on Mexican soil in the city of Tlaxcala, concluding the 12-date tour at the Festival IxtapaluSKA on April 2 in Ixtapaluca, Edo. in Mexico.

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