Teo LB presents his latest song, «Mi Historia»

Talented Colombian artist Teo LB presents his latest song, «Mi Historia», a moving track that immerses us in the intimate journey of self-improvement and dream achievement. This unique piece of music stands out for its authenticity in telling Teo’s personal story in a way that resonates with people in all walks of life.

«Mi Historia» explores the beauty of the process of working for oneself and highlights the importance of remembering our intrinsic equality, regardless of economic differences. The song distinguishes itself by sharing Teo LB’s personal story in a way that allows a wider audience to identify with the experiences of overcoming.

The inspiration behind «Mi Historia» came from a gathering of friends proudly celebrating their progress and growth in their passions. Teo LB captured the shared excitement of toasting to future success, which became the inspirational heart of this song.

«Mi Historia» conveys a clear message: enjoying the process is essential in life, and each person has a unique story that allows them to achieve their dreams. The song exhorts to embrace what makes everyone unique and joyfully pursue the realization of goals.

The «Mi Historia» video is a conceptual experience that takes viewers on a visual journey where Teo LB and his friends enjoy motorcycles and ATVs, representing the deep connection they share while celebrating life.

Creative director Nanimac collaborated with Teo LB to bring to life a fascinating concept of inspiration and personal encounter. Filmed on the roads of Medellin, the video highlights the authenticity and essence of the story being told.

«Mi Historia» is available on digital platforms and YouTube.


Mateo Álvarez Jaramillo is an artist and composer from Paisa, known as Teo LB, passionate about motorcycles, sports, tattoos and music. In his beginnings he started as a freestyler in the streets, and that’s how he became known as an artist. In 2015 he released his first single titled «Adiós», a song that was trending on YouTube and viral on social networks; currently exceeds 10 million plays in all digital stores.

In 2016 he released «Stunt Life», his second single and total success on platforms, with more than 12 million plays and one of the public’s favorites.

With influences of dancehall, reggaeton, reggae and corridos, Teo LB has made a difference by capturing the reality in each of his songs, which has led him to be one of the most recognized rappers nationally and internationally.

Singles such as «Real Love», «Gracias Mamá», «Stunt 2» and «De Luto» have been among the most recognized songs throughout his career, surpassing 3 and 5 million reproductions.

In 2018 he collaborated with the artist Nanpa Básico with «Vuelve», a song that was trending (more than 12 million plays).

In 2021 Teo LB managed to be trending nationally with his big hit «Stunt 3». Meanwhile, «Stunt 3 Remix» reached more than 6 million plays on all digital platforms.

Among the releases for 2022 are «Tienes El Toque», «Clásico», «En Tu Juego» with Samir Guerrero and Cheo Gallego, «Billetes Verdes» with Fandango Sax and «Adiós» in acoustic version.

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